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I have tried many different acrylics and Basis is my favorite for many reasons. It is dimensionally stable, it does not change from setup. The color is excellent, I use O Pink. Also it is very hard and shines up really well. If necessary I can cure it very quickly.

- Marco Silva Denture laboratory LLC Clark, New Jersey

With Basis HI Acrylic, I get no porosity whatsoever. It is easy to polish and finished like glass. The bonding is excellent. It is virtually unbreakable. I use the Original Shade and it is beautiful. Basis Hi exceeds all my expectations.

- Joe Firetto Supreme Dental Lab Elizabeth, New Jersey

I use Pattern Bright to connect 2 pieces together that I need to solder, such as large bridges to implants. It sets very fast, the connection stays stable from the doctor’s office to the lab and there is no expansion or contraction.

- Greg Booker C.D.T. Whiting Dental Service Whiting, New Jersey

Re-Fine Bright works great. It is fast and it does not run. It goes where you put it. I do not need a pressure pot for repairs. It can bench cure by itself.

- Rusty Skinner Skinner Dental Lab Delray Beach, Florida

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