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It is widely known that acrylic teeth are aesthetically pleasing in shape and color, despite the fact that their hardness does not stand up to long use. In order to compensate this weakness in acrylic teeth, we have been supplying composite resin teeth to the dental market. It is true that the surface hardness of our composite resin teeth is double the hardness of acrylic teeth. Tests prove our composite resin teeth have high endurance capabilities during clinical use. However the surface of composite resin teeth is susceptible to staining. Usually, composite resin teeth consist of urethane dimethacrylate or Bis-GMA and a filler, these components can cause staining. We have attempted to combat this weak point. Our new composite resin teeth, PX, have exceeded our expectations for composite resin teeth with similar non-staining qualities to acrylic resin teeth. Our special manufacturing process, as well as a unique fluro-methacrylate monomer has led us to an advanced composite resin teeth. We hereby introduce, the composite resin teeth you have been looking for. *NOTE Gypsum dissolving agents and denture cleaners with strong alkaline properties (pH10 or over) may remove the composite filler material and cause an uneven surface. Moreover, they may also cause staining and cracks.
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